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ITP business systems ITP business systems
Free Features
Integrated Technology, Customized API
With ITP Office we can customize and integrate with your back-end software.

Storage Capacity
Easy to store and retreive audio and video files.

App Integration
Connect to your office with our integrated App. Works with all smartphones.*

Conference calling (three-way)
Connect two parties onto the same call so that all three of you can talk at the same time.

Advanced Outbound Controls
Block any number from being dialed (International Numbers)

Advanced Call Forwarding
Set your call Forwarding based on Time of Day

Anonymous Call Rejection
Callers with blocked Caller ID will have their call rejected

Black/ White List
Choose the calls you want to receive

Individual Extensions
Assign an extension to your employees for easy dialing

Do Not Disturb
Block all your calls

Paging/remote paging
Have an employee paged

Whisper/Listen In
Ability to listen and instruct your Customer Service while on a call

Get a Voicemail notification to your email and access it from anywhere in the world

Call Transfer
Transfer a call to another line

Caller ID Block
You have the option to block your Caller ID when making
outbound calls

Simultaneous Ring
Set multiple phones to ring when being called

Simple on-line Management
Manage your call features and account online

View Call logs online (missed, inbound, outbound)
All calls are easily viewed online

Speed Dial
Set your speed dial with the most common dialed phone numbers
  Network Management
Let our staff of networking technicians help manage your office network. Experienced in all routers and firewalls.

Custom Back-end Capabilities
API's for back-end computer capabilities.

Advanced Online Management
The most advanced online back-end management to control your ITP Office system.

Number portability
No need to change your phone number. Keep the number you've
had for years

Call Forwarding
Have all your calls forwarded to another line

Caller ID
Incoming phone numbers will be displayed before you pick up

Call Screening
Have the caller announce their name before you answer

Call Waiting
Choose to accept another incoming call while on the phone

Phone System Emulation
Ring every line and rollover

Entrance Monitoring (intercom and buzzer)
Have your receptionist buzz in your visitors

Hunt Groups
Distribute phone calls over Multiple phone lines

Talk to your employees via Intercom

Video Calling
Be face to face while on the phone

Call Monitor
Monitor your office's phone calls

Call Recording
Record you phone calls

Wake Up Call
Set your phone to wake you in the morning

Outlook Integration
Make calls using the contacts from Outlook

U.S. Based Customer Support
All our Customer Support centers are based in the U.S.A.

Click on a number to dial

Many, many more!
Additional Features

*Free Business App trial with every plan