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ITP offers two different referral programs at this time. One of these programs is for our current subscribers. The other is for people who run websites and wish to receive referral credit for people who come to our site and place an order through theirs.



Affiliate Program

This program is directed at website owners and operators who are looking to make money from directing traffic to our website through affil
iate marketing sites or by hosting banner ads. We are looking for people with an entrepreneurial drive to profit through our online affiliate programs.

ITP has partnered with online affil
iate networks to provide centralized management and tracking. As an ITP affiliate, you will be provided with all of the tools needed to be successful in selling our service.

Whenever a visitor comes to our site, through the affil
iate link that you place on your website, blog or email; all of the purchases that the visitor makes are tracked. If a visitor makes a purchase on ITP's site, you get a commission.

For questions or more information regarding our affil
iate program, please email us at: affiliates@itpvoip.com.




Refer a friend


Every time you refer a friend through our Refer-A-Friend program, ITP will send an e-mail with a Refer-A-Friend e-coupon link to your referral's email address that you provide. To activate the Refer-A-Friend offer, your friend will need to sign up as a new ITP customer at the ITP website using the e-mailed e-coupon link.

Your friends save! Every person you refer will get their first month of ITP service for FREE* when they sign up as a new customer on the ITP website.

And you'll save even more! You will receive a credit for 2 FREE Months* (up to $50) based on the plan your friend chooses. The credit will automatically appear in your account after 90 days from the date your friend signs up and will be applied toward your future monthly bills. See chart for credit details.

Track All of Your Referrals Online

How do you keep track of 500 referrals? Or just 10? With our Refer-A-Friend tracking system, you'll always know where you stand. From the "Manage Your Referrals" button above you can effortlessly add more referrals, view who signed up, and see how much money you have been credited.


Refer-A-Friend Credit Chart
(based on the plan your friend chooses)
Residential Plans Friend's Credit Your Credit
Global Plan $24.99 $48.98
Residential Unlimited Plan $19.99 $39.98
Residential Basic Plan $9.99 $19.98
Two Line Plans Friend's Credit Your Credit
Residential Global 2 Line Plan $48.99 $50.00
Residential Unlimited 2 Line Plan $38.99 $50.00
Residential Basic 2 Line Plan $18.99 $37.98
Home Office Plans Friend's Credit Your Credit
Home Office Plan $49.99 $50.00


To refer a friend, log in to your account. Click on the Refer-a-friend button found on the top left corner and follow the instructions.


Important Notes

Refer-A-Friend offer is valid only for new activation and equipment purchase at the ITP website. Purchases of ITP equipment and/or service at retail locations or through partner websites are excluded from eligibility for the special Refer-A-Friend offer. Offer valid in US only and cannot be combined with any other offer.

The Refer-A-Friend program is intended for use by ITP customers to refer family and friends. ITP does not support spamming. Misuse of this program may result in the forfeit of credits accrued by the ITP customer and referee(s) as well as termination of ITP service.

by referring individuals you agree to the following conditions: To qualify, both referrer and referee must be customers in good standing for 90 days. If either cancels before 90 days, this will result in the loss of and /or chargeback of assoc
iated credits. The Refer-A-Friend program is subject to the ITP Terms of Service and the ITP Privacy Policy.

*The Referrer will receive a credit for 2 FREE months based on the plan the referral chooses (up to $50). Credit(s) have no cash value, are non-refundable and non-transferable. The New customer (the referee) will not be charged for the basic service fee of the plan they choose in the first month, but other charges will apply. See plan for details. Free month offer is available only to select new ITP customers. Prices and charges are subject to change without notice. Other terms and conditions may apply. Void where prohibited. ITP purchases made at retail are not eligible for the Refer-A-Friend offer. Offers cannot be combined and are subject to restrictions and limitations.